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Writing For Life: A Blog About WORDS! #NatashaNotes

I love to read. In fact, I love words. I started reading and writing at a very early age. By the age of 12 I was writing poetry and short stories and in high school I was the Editor of the newspaper. I shifted gears in college and studied Biology with the intention of becoming a doctor, but soon drifted back to words and achieved a masters in English in Professional & Technical Writing.

People close to me thought I was wasting my time honing my craft as a writer because doctor’s make more money. But I found that writing, in an interesting way brings healing to people.

Writing also helps solidify goals and dreams. According to author Anne Klauser, if you “write it down [you can] make it happen.” She says, “Once you start writing your goals down, the brain will send you all kinds of new material: innovative, energizing ideas for planning out and expanding those ambitions.”

In my career, I’ve helped countless people accomplish their goals by helping them write the vision. Here’s an example. One of my clients (Kai) dreamed of starting a daycare and a school. Her long-term dream was to help students - particularly those with special needs - complete their K-12 educational track. It was a beautiful idea, but an idea cannot manifest without a plan of action.

At House of David International we helped her write out the ideas through our specialized nonprofit business plan formula we call BRAND MANAGEMENT FOR A CAUSE (BMC) ™ . We completed the documents that required technical writing for form 1023 by wrting th vision and making it plain and today she owns a licensed daycare and operates an after school program in the community! Now there was a lot of hard work in between the writing, but everything started with the writing!

What have you dreamed of doing? It’s time to be TRUE TO YOU IN 2022 and go after your dreams…but first, write it down! With the help of House of David, Kai achived her dreams and established Knowledge Works Learning Academy (KWLA).

When you write out your dreams, you are in the words of Klauser, “honoring the ideas that come to you.”




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