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In life, its important to CONNECT and MAKE GOOD CONNECTIONS.

While making good connections sounds easy, sometimes the wrong connections are easier made. Most of us were warned as teens to NOT hang out with the wrong crowd. If our friends were into the wrong things we heard, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Or we may have heard the text, “Bad company corrupts good manners” (I Corinthians 15:33).They are both essentially saying the same thing about associations. The people we associate with can be either a good or a bad influence.

Which brings me to the word, “INFLUENCER.” What exactly is an Influencer? An Influencer is a person popularized through social media who has the ability to captivate audiences (get likes) and thereby use their status to monetize products and/or establish a platform of power. Not bad for Generation Z between the age range of 10 - 25. In my day, we were lucky to just have a crew, lol! We never imagined having fans! Kudos to the kids who made the Internet make money in the basement of Mom and Dad’s crib. A business with no or low overhead is the dream. But if the influence is negative, well…there goes the neighborhood. And by neighborhood - I mean the interconnected neighborhood that is the world - becasue the reach of social media is global. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. An Influencer can be an influence for good!

The question is, are you an influencer or are you being influenced?

The teenage years can be brutal. We understand. After all, adults were once teenagers. And the desire to fit in and find a group can be difficult. Which creates pressure. We call it peer pressure. Believe it or not, adults go through peer pressure too. It’s called “Keeping up with the Joneses.” But we all have an opportunity to establish ourselves as influencers for good by making good connections and by being Influencers for good!

Remember, in the words of Marisha Pessl, “being a teen can get very old, very fast.” And everything you were warned about will haunt you into adulthood if you don’t heed the warnings.

Here’s the challenge:

1. Use your INFLUENCE to introduce/connect with one person per week in busineess

2. Use your business or social INFLUENCE to advertise on your business or social media page.

3. Use your INFLUENCE to write a blog to boost traffic to your website on social media page

Last, surround yourself with people who are goal-oriented, kind, and conscientious; this will “set the stage” for good connections for a lifetime! #nnATASHAnOES


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