Formed in 1999 as "The Write Stuff" grew to
Editorial Solutions in 2002 enlarged to
Editorial Solutions Publishing in 2009 became a
Two -Fold Agency with one purpose forprofit & Non profit- House of David is a GOOD NEWS PR & Publishing Company!

Habakkuk 2:4

 write the vision  


and make it plain


so the runner reads

and runs harder!


"What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself" - Abraham Lincoln

Let us publicize you for you!

House of David Inc., is a Professional Writing and Consulting Company with writers specializing in science-based and health writing, grant writing, and creative writing. Our visionary and Executive Editor has in her career been employed as an English Instructor (online and traditional university), Public Relations and HIV Coordinator in the nonprofit arena; and a Health Educator contracting with the Centers for Disease Control and public school systems; and private Consulting as a Professional Writer.



House of David Masters:

>   nonprofit development & management

​>   brand management (artists & authors)

​>   advertising & marketing

​>   documentary & short film production

​>   book writing and editing

​>   product launches

​>   general publicity

​>   busines writing & development

​>   brand and personality profiling



Since 1999 operating as The Write Stuff, now House of David Inc., has assisted in the development of nonprofits, business entities and assisted political candidates with campaign writing.

Areas of writing expertise include: scientific writing, creative writing, grant writing, business writing, proposals & RFP’s, book editing, ghost writing, political speech writing, campaign slogans, radio ads and taglines, short films and documentaries, and nonprofit writing and development.

One of our first and premiere clients, Wanda Halbert achieved elected office on the Board of Education and City Council in the city of Memphis! She is currently serving as Shelby County Clerk. Kudos!

House of David Inc. wrote and produced radio commercials for the Wanda Halbert campaign and provided volunteers for events and rallies.


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