HOD Executive Staff

Natasha Walker Jones is the Executive Editor & Consultant for House of David International, Inc. With over 20 years in general nonprofit services and professional writing she has cornered the market on nonprofit brand development, capacity building, and community needs based assessment.  Natasha's  combined career experiences as a English Professor, Public Speaker, Lecturer, Director of Public Relations, Health Educator, and Freelance Writer in diverse industries such as higher education, the non-profit arena, faith-based organizations, healthcare, government, service-related industries and cross-discipline settings makes her talent at HOD the ideal base of development for your business.

Pastor E. L.  "Blue" Jones, Jr. is the Media Specialist for House of David Inc.  With over 17 years of media experience, Pastor Jones handles the photography, video production, and other digital media services. He is also an Ordained Minister with a B.A. in Theology and a Masters in Divinity and has been a pastor for more than 15 years. In addition to direct ministry, he has served in media productions and photography for churches and nonprofit entities. Blue is the owner of Truly Blessed Media a partner organization with HOD.

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