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America for Arnold

a Go Fund Me Initiative of HOD

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Dear Friends & Family,

Several years ago I traveled to Africa with a nonprofit - The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (NAPS),  as a Heath Educator and met a  beautiful and kind young man named Arnold who assisted the nonprofit as a volunteer. We kept in touch by email and mail over the years and he has become like a son to me.

He is in need of tuition for college.  I truly believe his request is sincere and warrants the opportunity to achieve his dream of a college education. I have started this campaign by doing - not just talking with a donation of $100. 00.

If 500 people give $35 each - he will make his goal with $1000 left for food, clothing, and books.

Are you one of the 500?  As the parable goes, one day Jesus will say to us, I was hungry but you did not feed me. I was naked, you didn't clothe me. Certainly we will ask, "when did we see you in this condition," He will respond, as you have done it unto them, you have done it unto me.

If this was Jesus in need, we would rush to help. Well, this is his son, and this is his story, in his words...


Hello people, my name is Arnold. I live in Africa and I'm a prospective international student at the University of Malta. I have been accepted to pursue a degree program for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Computing and Business). My dream has always been to get a good education to help my family and community.

I come from a family of 4 boys, of which my first-born brother and our youngest brother have passed. So only 2 of us (my elder brother and myself) remain. My parents died when I was 10 years old and my uncle raised me, but he has also passed on. 

Due to lack of funds, I dropped out of school twice. But I am hopeful this time that I can enter and complete.
I applied for school in Malta and I was admitted to start October of 2017, however, due to lack of funds, I asked the university for permission to defer my studies. Thankfully they understood and accepted my deferment.  

School starts in October 2018, and I need to be at the university by Mid-September 2018.  Asking for help is not something I find pleasure in, but I feel there’s nothing more I can do, but ask for help. I have prayed and I know God will take care of me, like He has always done.  
I am requesting for your help to raise Tuition and Accommodation Fees 

Accommodation/Living $ 3,500
Tuition Fees $13,000
TOTAL =   $16,500 (annually)

Whatever you can help with I hugely appreciate, because it means a lot to me.  If you can contribute even $5, I would appreciate it so much. I will do my best to study hard and to make sure that your contribution is not wasted.
Thank you and God bless!

Click to see Arnold's Acceptance Letter and Deferment Approval Letter.

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