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Natasha Walker Jones 


Our CEO Natasha David-Walker is House of David Inc.,  - we  are a one-stop-shop for Public Relations and Personal Branding. We specialize in business development, book and proposal writing,  media relations for personal branding, and  nonprofit entity creation.


In our work as


some of the

topics we tackle

are controversial.

I'm never worried

about people talking

 good or bad, 

because quite

frankly - press

is the lemons, make lemonade!

We determine whether its good or bad press!

I'm worried when

they're not talking!



Natasha is House of David


Natasha David-Walker is a native of Atlanta who returns to Georgia after studying at Oakwood College and Columbus State University, earning a B.S. Degree in General Studies in Biology; and the University of Memphis (U of M), where she graduated with a Masters in English with a concentration in Professional & Technical Writing. Currently, she is producing humanities-based documentaries focused on the complexities faced by women of color living with HIV/AIDS, serving communities through non-profit development, and lecturing in colleges and universities.

While studying at the U of M, Natasha was hired by a non-profit community-based organization, the South Memphis Alliance (SMA) as both the Director of Public Relations and HIV Coordinator. During her tenure at SMA, Natasha was privileged to work as a liaison for the residents and youth in the city of Memphis through the Stand By Me Initiative. As a result, she gained experience as a community organizer and as an activist from a grass-roots perspective. After fulfilling her dream of traveling to Africa and partnering with an international nonprofit the National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (NAPS)  Natasha experienced a global epiphany and the concept of expanding House of David into a hybrid emerged.


With her wide range of expertise, Natasha has etched a niche enterprise where writing, entertainment,  community-service and social and biological sciences converge. We are two businesses (non-profit and for-profit) under one roof - a hybrid organization founded on the principle of business through service. House of David uses a unique PR formula for success to launch clients to the apex of their vision by merging concepts through best-practice approaches and multidisciplinary efforts. 


House of David Inc., is a Professional Writing and Consulting Company with writers specializing in science and health-based writing, business and grant-based writing, and creative and entertainment-based writing. Our visionary and Executive Editor has in her career been employed as an English Instructor (online and traditional university), Public Relations and HIV Coordinator in the nonprofit arena; a Health Educator contracting with the Centers for Disease Control and public school systems; and a private Consultant.


Areas of writing expertise include: scientific writing, creative writing, grant writing, business writing, proposals & RFP’s, 501C3 paperwork, book editing, ghost writing, political speech writing, campaign slogans, radio ads and taglines, short films and documentaries, and nonprofit writing and development.


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