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I Have A Dream...A World Without AIDS

August 4, 2016

 From a very early age, I knew I was born to do “something about AIDS.” AIDS was not an epidemic when I received this unction from the Holy Spirit at 15 years of age so I know God put that calling within and chose me for such a time as this. My initial prompting was to “cure” AIDS. I felt I had it in me to do so. I attended Oakwood College (now University) as a Biology major, but soon fell prey to many of the things that derail dreams, aspirations, and “high callings.” Eventually (a long eventually) I got back on track, completed my undergraduate degree, moved forward and got that Masters and worked in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years in different areas many that intersected with HIV/AIDS such as direct patient care, and even an STD research study at University of Alabama. The apex of my journey was initiating a non-profit organization called Living Light Ministries & Public health – Health Education mentoring and educating youth and also traveling as a Motivational Messenger, the Talking To Tasha Show on Blog Talk Radio included. I got the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Zambia Africa in 2004 to help an international nonprofit initiate an HIV/AIDS program, volunteered in an all-male prison as a Health Educator for 4 years, and initiated and implemented an HIV program in inner city Memphis. Youth all over the south have performed the dramatic plays I have written about HIV/AIDS and I have received commendations and plaques for my service. Why do I still feel so empty and lost as it relates to my calling to minister in the area of HIV/AIDS? I used to have a dream, now just sadness. Because AIDS is going to kill more people than we really want to admit, before we all get serious about this disease. I want more than a dream, I want a cure.




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